Wholesale Distributor

Wholesale Distributor

Business DescriptionThis established and well-known home-based wholesale sales business, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a highly-reputable company selling trinket items including cell phone car chargers, small plush animals, key chains novelty color light-up pens, and other items to convenient stores in Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona Customers in the New Mexico and Arizona area are mostly adjacent to the interstate highway so easy-on and easy-off stops. The owner works about 8 days per every six weeks. Due to health reasons, he is looking at retiring.
He started the business in late 2020 and has built a company with a great reputation and high integrity and has provided excellent service to his customers. In 2023, he suffered a health-related setback and was not able to service the customers like he did in 2022. He is back up and running and 2024 appears to be another great year. For his New Mexico and Arizona trips, he takes his time and spends several days out. His Colorado trips can be done in one day. He drives up to the store with his truck full of merchandise. The buyer is usually intrigued with all the different kinds of merchandise in his 16 foot box truck. Her usually makes a sale and in most cases is paid right on the spot. This is not a 9 to 5 job as working hours are somewhat less than the typical work day.

This would be a great opportunity for someone who likes the slower pace of work and would be great for someone who is retired or wants to slow down but wants to make a lot of money and do a little traveling.. And the owner says that sales could be increased substantially for someone with a lot of energy.


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