Pizza Restaurant – Take Out & Delivery Only

Pizza Restaurant – Take Out & Delivery Only

Business Description

This pizza store began operations at this location in 1983 making it one of the best businesses in Colorado Springs for longevity. It is located in a shopping center very near one of the major streets in the area. The shopping center was purchased by new owners during the past couple of years and they have been in the process of renovating the entire center making it a more attractive center for all customers.

This pizza business has a phenomenal 40 year history in the same location. It had the same owner for 39 of those years and is one of Colorado Springs oldest and independently owned and operated Pizzerias. In 2022 and due to health reasons, the original owner decided to sell the business.

In November of 2022, a new owner purchased the business. This new owner and his wife created a new menu, purchased two new ovens, a new POS system, and even spent $32,000.00 on a new electrical panel updating the electrical grid in the location. There were other modernization changes in which they invested. Sales have been averaging over $28,000.00 per month and have recently increased to over $30,000.00. The new owners promoted two of the employees to manager of the store and manager of the kitchen. And the new owners had existing full-time jobs. The end result was that with all the increased expenses and time involved, they felt like they could not continue on physically. Therefore, they have decided to sell the store to someone who can spend the amount of time necessary to continue the legacy of the store.

Their pizza selection is varied and has many choices. Not only do they provide pizza, they also provide other Italian delicacies such as Stromboli, Chicken Parmigiana Fettucine Alfredo, Spaghetti, and a variety of popular appetizers. Customers have said that this is the best pizza they have ever eaten. And with hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp this is one of the highest rated Pizza Restaurants in Colorado Springs.

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